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E911 Solutions for
Microsoft Lync

911 Enable provides one of the industry’s first E911 solutions for Microsoft Lync


microsoft dev911 Enable delivers the industry's most comprehensive and reliable E911 solution for Microsoft Lync. The solution interoperates with Lync's native E911 capabilities to help organizations ensure 911 calls and accurate location information are delivered to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), simplify E911 management, and meet all state and local E911 legislation.

911 Enable is a Microsoft Registered Partner and has worked with Microsoft to ensure the interoperability of 911 Enable's solutions with Microsoft Lync. Organizations who take advantage of Microsoft's advanced unified communications features can confidently deploy 911 Enable's solutions to receive unparalleled E911 support for the entire organization.

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Solution Highlights

Key features of our solutions for Microsoft Lync include:

  • E911 call and location information delivery to the appropriate PSAP
  • E911 connectivity to over 5,500 PSAPs across the US
  • 911 caller identification down to the building, floor, and room level
  • E911 support for employees in all workspaces, including the main campus, branch offices, or working remotely
  • Automatic Layer 2 tracking for soft phones
  • On-site security desk routing
  • Compliance with all E911 regulations
  • Certified with Microsoft Lync

PDM for Lync

Phone Discovery Manager

The Phone Discovery Manager (PDM) is an optional on-site appliance that provides Layer 2 tracking capabilities for organizations using Microsoft Lync with non-LLDP-MED enabled networks and endpoints. It scans the network using SNMP to match a phone’s MAC address to a specific switch and port. The PDM then interoperates with the Lync LIS to ensure accurate locations are assigned to Microsoft’s location-aware endpoints.

Deployed in conjunction with 911 Enable’s Emergency Routing Service, the PDM may be implemented as either a hardware or virtualized appliance.

PDM phone discovery