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The industry's first
scalable, multi-tenant
E911 management
solution for
service providers



The Service Provider Emergency Gateway (SP-EGW) is a multi-tenant platform that enables carriers and service providers to offer automated E911 management from the cloud. Featuring industry-leading E911 capabilities, the SP-EGW can automatically administer, update and provision IP devices for multiple tenants – and deliver it all as a managed service.

The SP-EGW was designed in response to the key issues facing IP-PBX providers today: the need to meet state E911 regulations, minimize liability concerns, and reduce the costs of initial E911 setup and ongoing management. The next step in the evolution of E911 for service providers, the SP-EGW addresses each of these challenges in a simple and elegant manner.

Solution Highlights:

The SP-EGW offers all the tools necessary to meet the needs of today's hosted IP-PBX providers using BroadSoft BroadWorks. Key features and benefits include:

  • Automatic tracking of tenant IP devices, minimizing human error and reducing costs associated with updating device locations on a tenant's network
  • Granular location provisioning, helping service providers meet the strictest state and/or municipal E911 regulations
  • Established compatibility with BroadSoft BroadWorks, ensuring reliable deployment within the allocated timeline and budget
  • Designed to work with 911 Enable's Emergency Routing Service, offering the industry's only end-to-end E911 solution for service providers
  • Robust security notification capabilities, instantaneously notifying tenant security personnel of emergency calls within their organizations
  • Carrier-grade design, running on NEBS level 3 redundant hardware with support for segregated voice and management traffic
  • Countless additional value-added features, including 911 misdial protection, call recording, and detailed reporting capabilities

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