Emergency Gateway

Powerful E911 management functionality for IP telephony deployments.

The Emergency Gateway (EGW) is an on-site appliance that automates and simplifies E911 management for IP telephony systems. It provides secure and reliable support for the industry's widest range of IP-PBX platforms, from leading vendors such as Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, Aastra, ShoreTel, and more. Key features of the EGW include:

Automatic IP Phone Tracking

The EGW automatically discovers the precise locations of IP phones, soft phones, and wireless phones as they are added/moved/removed on the corporate network. Automatic IP phone tracking may be used with layer 2, layer 3, and wireless LAN network maps, allowing organizations to select the phone tracking solution that best suits their deployment.

On-Site Security Desk Routing and Notification

The EGW provides a complete suite of on-site security notification tools, to help improve coordination amongst rescue teams and reduce response times when seconds count.

When 911 is dialed, emergency calls may be monitored by on-site security staff or delivered to them directly, either to the security desk phone or via Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Bridging. Notification alerts can be instantly delivered to security personnel via email, SMS, pager, and screen pop.

Extensive Reporting and Management Capabilities

The EGW's extensive reporting and management capabilities help organizations administer their E911 system. It logs every administrative action taken and every system log-in to ensure user accountability. The EGW also makes 911 Call Detail Records (CDRs) and call recordings available via an administrative Dashboard.

Additional features of the EGW

  • Location self-reporting tool for remote workers
  • 911 misdial protection
  • Call recording
  • Support for shared line appearance and extension mobility
  • Support for multiple emergency and non-emergency dial plans
  • Active test mode
  • Available as hardware or as a virtual appliance